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    Masterlight delivers her Lighting fixtures to project developers and installation companies for application in diverse sectors. Our assortment varies from decorative lighting fixtures to light spots in many styles.

    We design floor lamps, suspensions, wall lamps, table lamps and ceiling lamps for each family we produce. Therefore, it is possible to apply different types of fixtures for one family in a room. This creates unity and a quiet, pleasant, atmosphere. Masterlight manufactures fixtures in different styles like e.g. modern, trendy, vintage, industrial or classic.

    Other products we deliver are parts, components, glass, shades and light bulbs. Next to complete lighting fixtures, Masterlight delivers loose power cables, transformers en LED-strips or profiles. The assortment light bulbs exists out of standard bulbs with reinforced constructions (till 300W in clear, frosted, softone or flame), eco-halogen, energy saving bulbs and LED bulbs. Furthermore, decorative bulbs like carbon filament bulbs can also be delivered.

    Glass shades are available in different shapes, colours and dimensions. All glass shades are of perfect quality and can be delivered from stock. Besides the models we have on stock, it is possible to deliver custom-made glasses in different colours and finishing's (only possible with larger quantities). Because of a close cooperation with glass manufacturers in Europe, Masterlight can offer custom-fit solutions for this part also.

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