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    Especially in the catering industry, it is very important to create an atmosphere in which people can relax and enjoy their day or evening-out. Of course, the choice of lighting has a big influence on the atmosphere.

    It is important to create a balance between basic lighting, decorative lighting and functional lighting. Your business has to invite people in so they can enjoy the atmosphere and relax. This is possible if the correct combination of basic- and decorative lighting is applied. By using a mix of warm light colours and dimmed lights, a warm and cosy atmosphere can be created. Furthermore, e.g. authentic elements of the building or statues/paintings can be accentuated by accent lighting.

    Furthermore, functional lighting should also be taken into account. After all, your personnel should be able to work under the right conditions. But this functional, often clear and bright light, should not disturb the cosy atmosphere. Spot lighting and light bulbs with reflectors are often used to create the right combination.

    Lighting fixtures for the catering industry have to meet strict safety requirements. Fire-resistance is one of the most important requirements. Masterlight delivers shades in multiple shapes, sizes and colours. All of these shades meet the European fire-resistance requirements (B1 certified fabrics). Furthermore, it is also possible to deliver washable fabrics. Next to fabric treatments, shades can be printed with a logo, company name or slogan.
    Masterlight also offers possibilities for the manufacturing of special fixtures, made exactly according to the client's demand. These could be special, deviating designs in different styles and finishes. It is possible to choose from a wide variety of colours and effect-finishes.

    Furthermore, clients can choose from a large assortment standard light bulbs (reinforced construction), energy saving bulbs, eco-halogen, gas-discharge bulbs and LED bulbs.

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