Retail lighting

Next to the interior design of a store, one the most important factors is store lighting. By the use of light, the right atmosphere can be created. Furthermore, you can emphasise your products which can positively affect the consumer's buying behaviour. Also lighting can be used to mark the route consumers are supposed to walk in your store.

For the selection of store lighting, two types of lighting have to be taken into account, specifically basic lighting and lighting used to emphasize your products.

Basic lighting is used for general lighting of the store and makes the store look accessible. This improves a consumer's orientation. Besides the consumer's orientation, also the effect on the health of employees that are constantly working in the store should be taken into account.

By the use of accent lighting, it is possible to put the focus on the products. Choosing the right colour for every particular product is very important. By using multiple light colour tones, the right atmosphere can be created to perfectly match the product or positioning of the product. The right light colour and intensity improves the optical presentation of the product because the colour contrast improves or because the emphasis will be on specific characteristics of the product.

Besides presentation, also energy consumption and heath development are very important factors. Therefore, efficient light bulbs like gas discharge bulbs and LED bulbs are often used by store owners.

For the selection and supplying of these products, Masterlight can perfectly assist.

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