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  • Private label manufacturing

    High costs are involved in the setup process of manufacturing your own product. Besides a design team to draw up your ideas, also a production facility with the right machinery and people are necessary. Because no manufacturer is able to produce every part, used for the production of their own product, multiple part suppliers have to be attracted. And not forgetting, the complete production line has also to be accommodated. These are only a few point that you will encounter in the process of developing an own product.

    Masterlight is willingly to take this process out of your hands. For years, Masterlight has experience in manufacturing lighting fixtures. Approximately 90% of Masterlight's assortment is manufactured in our own production facility. All production facilities are present and furthermore, over the years Masterlight has built up an extensive network of suppliers.

    Next to production facilities, Masterlight also has an in-home design team. Together with our design team you are able to create your own product. But, of course, it is also possible to use your own designs and drawings. You decide the look of your product. Furthermore, Masterlight guarantees exclusive rights on your models. This means, Masterlight manufactures your design exclusively for your company. Masterlight will never use your designs for other clients or for its own assortment.

    Masterlight manufactures according to applicable legal directives and safety requirements. Next to the CE quality mark, Masterlight also offers possibilities for other product certifications depending on your area of distribution. For example, KEMA/TÜV, UL/CUL, GOST-R of SASO certification. Inspections will be carried out by recognized certifying Organisations.

    In this way it is possible to manufacture your own lighting fixture without large investments and production facility. A product with your brand name and design. And furthermore, guaranteed quality and safety.

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