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  • House show 2024

    Dear Client,

    We would like to invite you to the annual home fair, which will take place this year from 14 till 16 april and from 21 till 23 april. During our home fair we present you our new collection and developments and it is a great opportunity to catch up and meet colleagues!

    You will of course be welcomed with delicious Limburg pastries and again this year Masterlight offers its guests a carefully composed menu with various dishes that are prepared live for you by a professional chef!

    The new 2024-2025 catalog will also be available in book form from the house show and you can take it with you at the end of your visit. This way you are completely up to date again!

    We look forward to your arrival! If you would like to visit us, we kindly ask you to send your registration to sales@masterlight.com. Please state your company name, the number of people you are visiting us with, the date and the part of the day (morning, afternoon, evening) when registering.

    Hope to see you in April!

    *** The house show is exclusively for business-to-business relations. Private visits are not possible. ***

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